#SvasMorning with Sasotya

A quality sleep and well spent morning to Tya is a key to a productive day. Here is how she spend her morning.

I usually woke up around 5.30 am. I'm very picky in choosing my sleepwear as I know it improves my resting quality. Svas Living's linen kimono is one of my fave as it's breathable and comfy. I also always drink water which I have ready by my bed side. At 6 am I get out of the house for a quick morning jog.
Once I reach home, I rush to the pantry to prepare morning juices for me and my husband before I shower and get ready. By 8 am, I am ready in my desk, going through emails and news.

Base on Tya morning routine, she always looking for little ways to make her home more comfortable. Such as a her signature mug or her comfy sleepwear that can complete her morning routine. Luckily those thing are available on Svas Living store. So now it's time for you to upgrade your morning routine!

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